Textile Recruitment Agencies in India


India boosts of one of the largest Textile and Clothing industry in the world and it has a significant effect on the Indian economy in terms of the foreign exchange and also in providing employment opportunities to millions of people. Indian textile industry is estimated to be around US $ 60 billion and it is also the second largest employment generating industry in India, after agriculture with an estimated 33.17 million people working in textile industry. Hence, there is no shortage of textile manpower from India and there are various textile recruitment agencies that are helping organizations around the world.

Value Chain in Textile Industry

textile-value-chainMarket Structure of the Textile Industry



Current Employment Pattern in Textile Industry: 

With more than 17% of the total employment is in the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector and more than 80% are employed in cotton and man-made textile sector.


Profile of Manpower Employed in Textile Sector:

textile manpower profile indiaThere is not a clear demarcation of roles in various parts of the world because of the policy restrictions relating to sourcing of manpower and also the financial considerations of the organization. However, a large portion of the manpower is engaged in production activity and are generally the least educated.


Skill Requirement for Textile Industry

textile skill requirementAs clearly shown by the above figure, most of the manpower in India is engaged in minimum skill level work which considerable gets reduced as one moves up the hierarchy. We at Recruitment Agencies have specialized recruitment agencies that have expertise in each of these segments. You can send us your requirement by visiting this link.




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