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Oil & gas industry is one of the most important industries for the economic development as it drives several other industries which are depended upon oil & gas. Hence, oil & gas is considered as an important aspect of industrial civilization and is a critical concern for most of the countries around the world.

The oil and gas industry can be primarily divided into 3 main sectors i.e. upstream (exploration & production), midstream (transportation, storage & wholesale marketing) and downstream (refining, processing & purification).

Manpower Requirement in Oil & Gas Sector:

Oil & Gas Companies

Finding good quality skilled manpower in oil & gas sector is increasingly getting more difficult and for someone who has spent some time in this sector would be well aware of the fact that because of quality manpower crunch several projects have either been delayed or have inflated costs because of inadequate skilled manpower. Now, this talent shortage is across all critical occupation groups in oil & gas sector thereby having a more adverse effect in a company’s performance.

Skills Gap in the Oil & Gas Workforce

A recent survey showed that the most prominent skill gap in oil & gas recruitment is technical skills & knowledge followed closely by management skills. Now, these are some very critical shortages that are to be looked at carefully before finalizing on an employee. Like any other industry, the employment in oil & gas industry is also related to the performance of international crude oil prices. If the prices are high then it leads to high investment, which in turn accounts for increase in supply for which we need more manpower. Hence, manpower requirement is directly related to the price of the crude oil.

How India can help in providing Oil & Gas skilled manpower?

Oil & Gas accounts for more than 45% of India’s energy needs which is a considerable amount considering India is the 5th largest energy consumer in the world and these figures would tend to go up in coming years because of the growing Indian economy. To meet the manpower demand for oil & gas sector, some of the most prestigious Engineering colleges in India are offering courses in oil & gas sectors such as IIT’s, NIT’s, ISM, IT-BHU equipping its students with core skills such as chemical, petroleum, petrochem, applied geology/physics. Also, considering there is cultural match between India and the Middle East, thereby skilled manpower from India has far lesser chances of attrition compared to other nationals.


Some of the positions we have provided recruitment are:


Oil & Gas Field Positions we have provided recruitment
- Geology and Geophysics E&P Technical Assistant, Senior Geophysicist, Production Seismologist
- Oil and Field Services Records Manager, E&P Technical Assistant, Commercial Developer
- Petroleum Engineering Senior Production Manager, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Drillers
- Reservoir Engineering - Senior Facilities Engineer, Senior Reservoir Engineers, Senior Production Engineer
- Facilities/Surface Engineering Senior Facilities Engineer, Senior Reservoir Engineers, Senior Production Engineer
- Contract Positions Geo technician, Shutdown Manager, Senior Reservoir Engineer
- Commercial/Sales/Marketing Manager, Commercial Developer, Business Development Manager
- Downstream HSE Manager, Operations Technologist, Refinery Designs Engineer

 How we at Recruitment Agencies can help?

We at recruitment agencies help you get connected with the right recruitment agency for your manpower requirement in oil & gas sector be it top level management or a skilled entry level junior engineer.

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