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We all know that the nature of construction industry worldwide has changed considerably in last 5 years after the economic recession of 2009 and a major driving force for this change has been the commoditization of the construction services which has resulted in fewer profit margins for various construction firms. However, there is still an insatiable demand for infrastructure development around the world with the focus now changing from residential, commercial and industrial construction projects to vital social infrastructure projects like energy, transportation, natural resources and communications.

There has been a huge demand of construction engineers from India to meet the new challenge of high urban growth around the world which is set to rise by 70% by 2050; which amounts to millions of people migrating from rural to urban areas. Thereby, creating an immense pressure to provide an efficient infrastructure to support this rise in urban population. To cater to this requirement, construction companies around the world are equipping their manpower to meet this larger, more diversified with specialized skills with the help of construction recruitment agencies. One way that the construction companies around the world are doing this by hiring talented construction engineers from India. India offers a unique advantage to these companies not only from specialized skills, hardworking and reasonably economical manpower but also they are culturally more diversified which make them easily accommodating in various parts of the world. This has lead to many specialized construction recruitment agencies in India.

Let’s look at the construction market around the world and where it is heading:

Europe: Apart from Germany and Scandinavia the rest of the countries are still in crisis which has lead to a weak recovery. Further, because of the austerity measures in these economies have lead to a decline in new civil engineering projects and hence a general decline in construction market. However, considering Europe to be the biggest market in construction we are still seeing construction engineers requirement for Europe from India.

 USA: Currently the private sector is driving the growth and the economy is recovering after a long recession of 2009. There is still a need to revive the public sector to drive construction market. We are seeing a rise in number of construction engineers from India that are finding jobs in USA in last 12 months.

Middle East and Africa: This is the only place which is driven by commodity price and hence makes the market highly unstable and unpredictable. However, to counter this some of the countries are diversifying their construction development which has resulted in a more sustained growth. Further, Arab spring impact on construction industry still need to be evaluated. Another, important aspect of this area is that there are places that have a very high growth rate in certain areas.

Latin America: Currently, Brazil the biggest country from this continent is dominating the construction market because it is hosting the Olympics and the Soccer world cup. Further, Brazil is also expanding its energy and infrastructure base to accommodate for the increasing population. Apart from Brazil; Chile, Peru and Panama also have a strong construction market. Overall, Latin America has a good long term prospects in construction industry and there has been a sustained increase in the number of Indian’s that are working there to meet this requirement.

Asia: This region is showing the signs of growth but not as strong as 5 Years back because of the slowdown in China and India. However, with India now getting a popular government and the new PM is considered to be backing heavily on infrastructure development; India can see a revamped growth in Construction sector. The focus area in Asia is primarily infrastructure and energy development.

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