How We Work


We provide a unique opportunity to businesses around the world to get connected with some of best recruitment agencies in India to make the most of the recruitment endeavor. We make sure that your recruitment processes is as hassle free as possible while at the same time not compromising on the quality of the talent you are searching from India.


Until now, recruitment was considered to be a challenge but with us by your side it would be journey that is easy and more importantly; rewarding.


In simple steps, our work processes is as follows:


1. Organizations looking for manpower from India sends us the job description of the candidate they are looking for.


2. We categorize the job description into various baskets based on the candidate profile and industry.


3. Based on the basket the job description falls in, we choose the appropriate recruitment agency from India that has expertise and experience based on the job description provided by you.


4. The concerned recruitment agency will then contact you within 48 hours of your query submission.


5. If you like their proposal and hire the talent provided by them then we consider the recruitment process complete.


6. If not, we provide an alternate recruitment agency. This process is repeated till we are able to provide you with 5 alternative recruitment agencies that have area of expertise based on your requirement.


To highlight our credentials and the kind of talent that we attract, send us your requirement and we will provide you with 2 sample resumes of the candidates that meets your requirement.  Send us your manpower requirement.

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