How to short list a Recruitment Agency in India?

As an HR manager of your organization you might be looking to either source talent directly from the market ( tiresome and tedious task) or you can take help of a recruitment agency ( hassle free and fast) that already has the experience and the expertise to recruit talent on your behalf.

However, to choose the right recruitment agency can itself be a pretty time talking job and which might not be that easy in the first place as many recruitment agencies claim to have expertise in every domain out there be it from nuclear scientists to truck drivers! Hence, to help you choose the right recruitment agency, we bring the following 5 items that you need to checklist:


  1. Indian Government Authorized: The first thing that you need to ask a potential recruitment agency is that is it certified to do International recruitment.  If they claim that they do, then ask for the Indian Government approved certificate scanned copy.  This is a critical aspect as currently you would find numerous recruitment agencies that are doing recruitment as well as travel agents work through the same company and in many instances through the same website itself. As a recruiter, you need to be extra careful as to who you would like to be doing business with.
  2. Area of Expertise: You need to make sure that the recruitment agency has a proficient knowledge about the segment you are looking for manpower and has sufficient experience in providing the manpower. To evaluate this, you can ask for a client reference for whom they have worked and also a candidate reference. This ensures that the recruitment agency has taken care of both the recruiter and the candidate which eventually helps in long term association of the candidate with the organization.
  3. Countries it provides Recruitment: Many recruitment consultants prefer to provide recruitment only to a particular group of countries considering their familiarness with the countries culture and their past experience with the country. As an HR recruiter you need to tap into these agencies that have provided extensive recruitment in your country.
  4. Terms and Conditions of Recruitment Agency: Each and every recruitment agency has different terms and conditions. As a recruiter you need to make sure that you completely understand these terms before signing the contract.
  5. Free or Paid Service: There are some recruitment agencies in India that claim to provide free recruitment services to its clients as they charge money from candidates. As a recruiter, we would suggest that you keep away from such agencies as they neither have the incentive nor the patience to find the best talent for your organization.
  6. Background Check: You need to ensure that the recruitment agency that you are hiring also does a complete background check of the candidates that it has shortlisted for your company. This helps in any last moment misunderstandings between organizations and recruitment agencies.
  7. Visa Process: As a recruiter, you also need to know if the recruitment agency that you are hiring does the Visa work on behalf of you or it has partner affiliates that can work on its behalf. Visa process is a time talking, cumbersome process. So it’s always better to know in advance as too who is going to look after it.

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