Recruitment Agencies for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia being the biggest economy in the Arab world and with second largest oil reserve in the world attracts a large number of unskilled and skilled manpower from around the world and especially South Asia. Out of every 100 Saudi Arabians; 32 are expatriates while atleast 70% of expatriates are from South Asia itself. Hence, it’s quite evident that South Asians play a very important role in providing manpower to Saudi Arabia. According to World Bank estimate, India is the top beneficiary in terms of remittance from Saudi Arabia totaling a massive $8.4 billion per Year.

The outsourced labor from South Asia accounts for 89% of the private sector workforce in Saudi Arabia. In terms of manpower; India once again tops the list with more than 2.8 million Indian’s in Saudi Arabia as of 3rd November 2013, followed closely by Pakistan at 1.5 million. To cater to these massive manpower requirements, there has been a boon of recruitment agencies in various countries of South Asia like India, Pakistan and Nepal who are providing unskilled and skilled manpower demands of Saudi Arabia.

The rise in recruitment agencies from India can be traced to early part of 1990 when India opened its market for international trade and also manpower globally. Though the oil exploration in Saudi Arabia, picked up in the late 1930’s and with subsequent oil boom in Saudi Arabia led to economic diversification and infrastructure building which drastically increased the manpower requirement in Saudi Arabia. To cater to this rise in demand resulted in the opening up of numerous recruitment agencies.

As a employer if you are looking for recruitment agencies, you need to be certain that you work with the recruitment industry that has experience and expertise in providing manpower to your area of business. We at Recruitment Agencies have shortlisted various recruitment agencies to help you choose the right recruitment agency for your manpower requirements.

To submit your manpower requirement for Saudi Arabia, please fill the short form mentioned below and we will forward your query to the most appropriate recruitment agency that handle your concern.

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