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With a total population of around 2.7 million according to 2010 census; Oman is emerging a leading country in the Middle East to attract manpower from around the world. This fact can be highlighted from the fact that expatriates constitute more than 29% of the total population while most of them comprising of age group from 20 to 45 with more than 85% of the total expatriates coming from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Oman Manpower


The major industries in Oman are crude oil and refining, liquefied natural gas, construction,cement and steel. Most of the other industries apart from oil & refining were developed in the early 1980’s to diversify the economy. Oman has a dedicated ministry that deals with manpower known as Ministry of Manpower (MoM) that looks after the foreign workers working in Oman.

Expatriates work in different sectors in Oman and unskilled and semi skilled are generally concentrated in the construction sector which represents about 32% of the total expatriates in the private sector in Oman. While the skilled and highly skilled expatriates work in diverse fields including oil & refinery, IT and research.  Further, Oman has adopted a comprehensive and liberal labor law that does not discriminate between expatriates and the nationals working in Oman. Moreover, the Ministry of Manpower continues to review, amend and implement the necessary legislation & laws for the development of the labor market in Oman.

To cater to this growing need of manpower in Oman, there are numerous recruitment agencies in India that claim to provide the best manpower in all the sectors that one is looking for recruitment. However, we at Recruitment Agencies help you connect only with the best recruitment agency that has expertise and experience in the field you are looking for the manpower.


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