Recruitment Agencies for Kuwait

Kuwait is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and has a total area of about 7 thousand sq miles. The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait city. The total population of Kuwait is 3.44 million of which a staggering 68% i.e. 2.34 million are expatriates working in Kuwait of which the Indian community is the largest constituting about 30% of all the foreign residents.

The natural resources available in Kuwait are petroleum, natural gas and fishes. While petroleum and natural gas has been the primary driver but in 2009, Kuwait announced a $140 billion five-year development plans to diversify the economy and gradually moving away from oil and into becoming a financial hub for the gulf region.

If we consider the flow of foreign residents than we can see that Asians constitute more than 60% of the annual flow since 2005. Hence, it is evident that the numbers of recruitment agencies in the native countries are on the rise to cater to this growing demand of manpower from Asia.

Flow of Foreign Residents in Kuwait



Further, if we look at the occupation trends of the employed non-Kuwaitis we will find a diverse picture where the Asians are predominantly in the service workers at around 39%. However, professionals and other highly skilled manpower requirement from Asia and especially India is on the rise in Kuwait.

employed non kuwaitis by occupation


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