Recruitment Agencies for Malaysia

Malaysia is one of south-east Asia’s most vibrant economies. Its multi-ethnic, multireligious society encompasses a majority Muslim population in most of its states and an economically-powerful Chinese community. It is one of the region’s key tourist destinations, offering excellent beaches and colourful scenery. Ethnic Malays comprise about 60% of the population. Chinese constitute around 26%; Indians and indigenous peoples make up the rest.

Malaysia is well-endowed with natural resources in areas such as agriculture, forestry as well as minerals. Malaysia is the world’s primary exporter of natural rubber and palm oil, which together with saw logs and sawn timber, cocoa, pepper, pineapple and tobacco dominate the growth of the sector. Palm oil is also a major foreign exchange earner.

Indian workers are advised to obtain written contract duly signed by the sponsor / employer company before their arrival in the destination country. The official language of the contract recognized by the Gulf countries is Arabic. In a bilingual contract (English and Arabic), the Arabic version prevails in case of any dispute on the clauses of the contract.

If you are an organization in Malaysia looking for recruitment from India then we at Recruitment Agencies can help you find the perfect talent from India.

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