Checklist for Qualifying as a better Recruitment Agency

The recruitment agencies pace in India are still lagging behind that of the west in terms of innovation and technology acceptance.  If you are an international recruiter looking for sourcing talented manpower from India, you would need a lot of digging and might go with the advice of your friends in choosing the recruitment agency for your company.  You are not to be blamed in this, as the information in this space is still in its very nascent stage and you need certainly need a leap of faith while finalizing on the right agency.

For the small and medium sized companies who are still finding their own space and where manpower plays a very critical role; there is a lot of deliberations and considerations to be placed while choosing the right recruitment agency.  At Recruitment Agencies India, our goal is to do the heavy lifting work for our clients and we take great pride in excelling on this work. In short, we help you in selecting the right recruitment agency.  Apart from the usual benchmarking for the recruitment agencies, such as, government authorized, genuine, experienced and other considerations; we have incorporated new benchmarks such as:

  1. Networking of the Agency: You won’t be hiring a CV to do the work. It’s about a person and each person has its own idiosyncrasies and we at Recruitment agency would prefer our partners to know much more about the talent they are suggesting then a mere CV. Hence, the wider the networking circle of the agency more are the chances of getting acquainted with candidates that have a matching personality similar to that of the company’s culture.
  2. Consistent Results: Being the recruiter’s recruiter; we have an edge over companies who learn through hard experience the drawbacks of hiring from an unprofessional agency. We suggest only those agencies that have delivered consistent results over time.
  3. Domain Centric: With thousands of recruitment agencies in India, its quite easy to get lost in the crowd where each one is proclaiming to be the expert in every domain. We all know that this cannot be the case as very agencies have its pros and cons. We help our clients connect with the recruitment agency that has specialization and experience in their domain. This helps in acquiring candidates that are profitable to the company since day 1.
  4. Analysis Tools: Once again, there are hardly any agencies in India, who are practicing analytics as a medium of sourcing candidates. Analytics helps in predicting the efficiency and employability of an employee with respect to the company on the basis of the previous experience of the candidate and certain data points that are to be analysed.
  5. Research Centric Approach: This is one of the most critical factors in determining the professionalism of the recruitment agency. Has the recruitment agency done sufficient research while selecting the candidate? Has it shortlisted the candidate based on company profile? Is this the best candidate that we can get for our company? To answer all the above and many more questions, the research done by the recruitment agency is the deciding factor.

Above are only 5 factors that we at Recruitment Agencies that into consideration while finalizing on the right recruitment agency for your company. If you are looking for a recruitment agency to help you shortlist candidates for your company then give us a try and experience the difference.

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