Checklist before finalizing on a new job offer

The temptation to accept a new job offer is pretty high and obviously it should be as in this age getting a decent job is itself an achievement. However, one should always be cautions after being given an offer letter as now the ball is in your court and you should never rush through it and go through the offer letter in detail.  This also helps in clarifying your doubts with the HR manager before joining which is a professional approach that you should always be followed.

Following are 6 checklist items that you need to mentally check while finalizing on the new offer letter:

  1. Does the bottom line (salary) is fair?

No one likes to work without a cause and for most of us mortals the driving factor to work often is the money that it provides us to make our life easier. Hence, always check if you are being offered a fair deal. One can check this by comparing it with your peers or friends who have a similar background to you.  If you are working for a startup the salary might not be fair but then it comes with added benefits like stakes at the company and at worst providing you with the opportunity to learn many skills.

  1. How far is it work place?

Would you need to relocate? What are the expenses in the new city? ( for example, Delhi and Mumbai have a great difference in cost of living. There is generally, a 10% to 20% difference in salary in Delhi and Mumbai). Apart from this, you also need to calculate the commute time it; day in and day out.

  1. How is the culture of the company?

We have already mentioned this in the questions that you need to ask your recruiter, the company culture should suit you. For international placements, this is even more important as you would be spending a considerable free time with your office colleagues.

  1. Is your peer’s background compatible with yours?

Once again, you need to be comfortable working with your peers at office. For this you need to know beforehand their background and judge if it would be suitable with yours.

  1. How this job would help you in the long run?

This is often neglected at the heat of the moment and is one of the critical questions that you need to ask before accepting any offer letter. For example, if the new job is perfectly aligned and might propel your career in the right direction then you might be comfortable working with a lesser pay package. However, if the new job is not aligned with your future prospects then you might not be satisfied even with a more than industry standard package.

  1. How is the new job different then your current job?

Though this question should be asked before you apply for the new job; still, you need to know why you are leaving your current job and would it make much difference if you were going to negotiate with your current employer.


Lastly, take your time and consult your family and friends before finalizing on the new job. Their inputs might provide you with information that you might have failed to notice. Please let us know in the comments section if you found this checklist useful.

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