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Checklist for Qualifying as a better Recruitment Agency

The recruitment agencies pace in India are still lagging behind that of the west in terms of innovation and technology acceptance.  If you are an international recruiter looking for sourcing talented manpower from India, you would need a lot of digging and might go with the advice of your friends in choosing the recruitment agency […]

Checklist before finalizing on a new job offer

The temptation to accept a new job offer is pretty high and obviously it should be as in this age getting a decent job is itself an achievement. However, one should always be cautions after being given an offer letter as now the ball is in your court and you should never rush through it […]

Top 7 Recruitment Agencies in India

If you are an HR manager of an international organization who is looking for sourcing talent from India then the best way to go about this is hiring a recruitment agency in India that can do the sourcing for you and you as an HR manager is left only with the task of short listing […]


How to short list a Recruitment Agency in India?

As an HR manager of your organization you might be looking to either source talent directly from the market ( tiresome and tedious task) or you can take help of a recruitment agency ( hassle free and fast) that already has the experience and the expertise to recruit talent on your behalf. However, to choose […]